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We're told we make the best homemade lasagna in the city! 

Lasagna: Layers of Pasta Goodness

Popular comic strip character Garfield referred to lasagna as nature’s perfect food and we couldn’t agree more.  It is perhaps one of the most recognized Italian pasta dishes and certainly one of the most popular among our customers. 

Lasagna, also often referred to as pasta al forno (oven baked pasta) is a casserole type dish where layers of pasta sheets are alternated with sauces and other ingredients and then oven-baked.  Neapolitans are said to have invented the dish in the 14th century, using fermented dough, flattened into a thin sheet, boiled, sprinkled with cheese and spices, and then eaten with the use of a small pointed stick.  Since then the recipe evolved into what is now known in Naples as lasagne di carnevale (Mardi Gras pasta).  It is layered with local sausage, small fried meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, and sauce.

The lasagna recipe that most are familiar with (layers of pasta with sauce, béchamel and ricotta or mozzarella cheese) is associated with Emilia-Romagna but the recipe has even more variants depending on the Italian region and can include various meats, miscellaneous vegetables and flavorings such as wine, garlic, onion and oregano.  The one common element is the cooking process, lasagna is always oven-baked.

Fresh lasagna sheets made from 100% Durham semolina, spring water and Grade "A' Eggs are always available in store for layering at home or if you’re short on time or have to cater to a large crowd pick up or place an order for our prepared lasagnas that allow for you to just heat and eat.  Our lasagna has often been referred to as the best in Toronto so be sure to drop by and get a taste for yourself especially in time for National Lasagna Day on July 29th.

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