My grandfather (Nonno Franco) came to Canada and opened up Continental Noodles in 1965. He said that Italians didn't have anything to eat and were looking for food that reminded them of "home". We have been serving the Italo-Canadese community for over 50 years in Toronto. In the 80's my father invented the multi vac for pasta (multi vac) where he sold thousands of kilos of multivac pasta to grocery stores. Then he sold to Catelli so that he could refocus on building our stores with a focus on small batch, handmade pasta. We use all grandfathered equipment which requires small batch pasta to be made. We crack every single egg by hand and pull every sheet of pasta by hand. There is no large equipment, no liquid eggs. Everything is made by hand with grandfathered equipment. Some people think that pasta is all the same..and that's simply not true. Don't compromise. Feed your family real pasta with real ingredients. We still maintain old world pasta making. It's a skill that is dying. Anyway, I'm super proud of what my family has done for all of these years and today I really realized it. We are preparing for the holidays and have finalized the ingredients for our specialty stuffed products for Holiday 2015. Just wait until you see the new products we have in store! 

We have seen so many generations visit our store and are so thankful for our loyal customers. #respecttraditons#continentalnoodles #pastificio #pastificioitaliano#toronto #northyork #woodbridge #ontario #canada#italian #italiantradition #pasta #pastalover #bestpasta#gta